Ok so first off, introduce yourself and your family 💕 I am Siobhan I’m 25 and a single mother of two daughters, Iris 5 years old and Indi-Rose 4 years old.

You have a cat too right? Haha Oh yes and Zena our rescue kitty who’s not quite one yet!

How would you describe your parenting style? I am pretty laid back, I go through stages though, sometimes I try to be firm but I just get too worked up and it usually ends in everyone in tears (this happened this afternoon), I find our lives work a little better if we all give a little get a little, they do get their way a lot but still know boundaries, I count to 3 a lot and threaten with smacks a lot (but again i very rarely get there) they usually listen, but then again sometimes they don’t and I get flustered like I don’t know what I’m doing anymore!

What was it like starting a family at your age? I am very glad I started my family as young as I did, one thing I definitely feel I have a closer bond to the girls, I’m not sure if being single also adds to that, but it feels that we are growing together, I wouldn’t change having them the age I did, I mean I cannot lie I have had my struggles (financially) but I’m glad the girls are beside me to watch me grow with them. Instead of growing up and telling them about a life I had before them, they get to experience it all with me instead.

How did you pick your children’s names? Iris was named after the song Iris by the goo goo dolls. Indi-rose honestly I don’t remember how we came across her name and I hate that I cannot remember.

What’s been your biggest challenge in life? Definitely feeling my biggest challenge at the moment, being recently separated by someone who had such a negative impact on the girls and I. It’s a shock to the system trying to take care of my own mental health and also making sure the girls are okay as well. At the moment I am going through a rough patch with my depression and it’s hard to hide from them, but once we get through this we can get through anything 🙂

What’s been your biggest challenge as a mother? Biggest challenge as a mother would have to be sharing them with their father, it’s very hard to deal with the back and forth. Not having full control over how they are raised is daunting.

What’s your biggest desire for your family – apart from them being happy and healthy of course. My biggest desire is for my children to be kind always, I don’t mind how they are at home I can deal with that, I want well mannered children outside of the home, that’s how I’ll know I’m doing well.

What’s something you’re opinionated about in relation to parenting / family?Ohh…. I’m not overly opinionated, each to their own, I guess I’m just very against drug use, or physical/ sexual abusers. As long as a child is loved I’m not one for a big opinion on how to parent.

Guilty pleasures or things that help you cope? I definitely enjoy sweets when the girls are in bed and I don’t have to share. Lol nothing exciting really.

What’s the peak and the pit of motherhood for you? The highlights are definitely seeing them laugh and enjoy life having them tell me they love me and watching them look over at me while they run off to play. The lows are similar to what I said before, sharing them with their father and having to say goodbye, it doesn’t get easier every time is horrible.

What’s something you’re proud about your parenting? Definitely that I get told and praised about how well behaved they are at school, watching them thrive and achieve makes me proud of my parenting

And the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten? Remember everything is only temporary, they won’t always be this little. Take each stage as it comes.

Haha ok and to wrap it up, give us a mum-fail. Haha biggest mum fail oh god it’s hard to pin point one 😂 probably having too much to drink Christmas Eve just gone and spending Christmas Day with my head in the toilet and not with the girls, didn’t take a single photo of them that day 😭


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