So I thought I’d write a bit of an update about how things have been… The last time I posted I think I was in hospital and struggling. I wasn’t settled in and I was missing home. 

Thankfully, the consultant in hospital was amazing and managed to get me on the right medication, praise God, because that was a really long, painful process. The thing about mental health is it’s a struggle against your own mind and I honestly don’t think there’s a harder battle aside from losing someone. So I’m on the right medication where I actually feel like myself again, I don’t feel dopey or slow or jittery, I just feel average which couldn’t be more amazing haha. 

So then I started facing the reality in front of me, where I’d moved to the other side of the world where I felt unwelcome and unappreciated. Moving to the other side of the world sounds so exciting and adventurous but let me just tell you, it’s the furthest thing from it. I missed my mum, I missed my pets, I still do to be honest. I miss walking around the lake in the sunshine, I miss my second family so bad, I miss my beautiful friends. So in my mind it made sense to come home. I missed everything about Australia and I was having an awful, cold time of it in England. I’d literally got to the point where I had packed my suitcases and was ready to split up my family. But I have this friend over here, she’s Australian actually, and she’s always talking about how she has to be where she feels a peace, where God wants her to be – that’s her compass. So while I was feeling unsupported, lonely, bored, homesick, her words stuck in my head. I *wanted* to go home, but as much as I was reluctant to admit, my peace was here. I fought that for months, but as soon as I decided to trust God things turned around for me within a week. I’m friends with everyone, I have lots of things to do during the day with Vivi, and the weekends are bliss with my family. I’m supported, I’m welcomed, I’m loved, all of a sudden. I’ve fallen in love with England again and I just *know* God wants His plans to unfold here. So I have plans this year, things I REALLY want to happen. But you just have to let go and let God be your compass. 

I’ll always be homesick because duh, Australia. But ultimately, I choose to put my faith in God. 

Still miss my mum tho 😉


1 thought on “Compass”

  1. Made me cry.
    Very proud of you.
    May God surprise you this year and beyond! His plans always work out better. That’s when your path is truely found.


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