Mamahood: Eadie

Haha thanks for doing this! So first off, introduce yourself and your family 💕 Well, I’m Eadie, the mumma, then we have Jamie, my wonderful hubby and best daddy. Then Izabellah (5), Skylah (2) and Paislee (1), plus our baby boy coming in Feb 😍

Ugh congratulations again, about time someone gave J a blue baby 😂😂 also stoked for you guys too of course haha. So how did you pick your children’s names? Haha she just expected a girl, heck we all just expected a girl! Umm Izabellah was on my list since I was a little girl, and Jamie loved it too, but we didnt like the ‘normal’ spelling and how common it is. Middle names are traditionally family names, Lola is after Jamies aunty who has passed away. Skylah was a bit of a throwback, it was on my list when I was pregnant with Bellah but Jamie thought it was a boys name. It grew on him, kinda lol. Now it fits our munchkin perfectly. Skylahs middle name is Rose, which is after Jamie’s nan who passed away the same year she was born. And I first heard Paislee on teen mom 😂😂😂😂 but it has a Scottish background, much like me 😀 her middle name Eva is after my grandmas grandma. I have a photo of her in a ‘5 generations’ photo. She passed away when I was about 2 though I think.

They’re gorgeous names! I can’t wait to see what you name your little boy! How would you describe your parenting style? I like to think I’m pretty laid back but I expect a lot in the way of respect and manners etc. My kids riot at home, I’m surprised they are all still alive. Not even joking. But out in public I expect them to be respectful and well mannered. I do my best to encourage them in everything they do. I try to teach them that if they want something, they have to work for it (some what 😉). Empathy and compassion is huge in our family, especially to those who are not in a good place etc. But also each child is very different and things need to be handled different ways. The more I add to the family, the more lenient I become also lol. I still have a lot to learn!

What was it like starting a family at your age? (Eadie was 19 when she had Izabellah ❤️) Scary. Intense. Life changing. But so so perfect. My family started with Izabellah and me (technically) and has since turned into married with 3 (4) kids in 6 years!

What’s been your biggest challenge in life? Mental health, mine, my husbands, unfortunately my childrens. Other family members.

Oh I feel you there. What’s something you’re proud about your parenting and something you’re trying to work on? My kids 😍 watching them learn and grow everyday! Not only did I grow them inside my body, we are also raising them now, moulding them into wonderful human beings! – My temper/attitude. I have a short fuse, I always have, I know its not fair, or nice.

What’s something you’re opinionated about in relation to parenting / family?Doing what works! Im not interested in debating boob v bottle, cot v co sleeping, puree v blw, how you parent, whatever. I will support whatever decision you make regarding mother/fatherhood or your children, providing they are safe, happy and heathy!

What’s your biggest desire for your family – apart from them being happy and healthy of course. To be ok. To love each other. To find love and grow their own families.

Guilty pleasures or things that help you cope? Alcohol hahaha. But seriously, when I’m not growing a baby, a good night out with my girlfriends always hits the spot, or even just a coffee date, also date nights with my hubby (we never dated before we were parents) or even just alone time with him, also i do a lot with my family (with the kids 😉). I play netball when I can too.

The peak and the out of motherhood for you? For example, my pit is morning school runs haha. Pit. Freedom. As in, the freedom to just duck down the street, run into the supermarket, run in to pay for petrol etc, rush out the door. Now i have to get at least 1 (but usually 2, and sometimes 3!) kids in and out of the car! Peak.. being a mum! Raising these monsters that are mine, with a village of people that love and care for them too, moulding them into decent, functional adults (I hope haha). Teaching them everything!

The best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten? Do what works for you and your child!

Who is your support network? My hubby is my biggest supporter! But then I have direct family, my mum, her sister, their kids, my grandma, jamies mum, jamies uncle, a family friend of theirs, J of course and both her girls (I say it like they are SO much younger then me) and also a couple of girls at daycare that help outside of daycare too 🙂 as well as a small handful of mates that I know are always there when we need them! I literally have surrounded myself with a village.
Ok and now let’s wrap it up with a mum fail 😂 Hmm.. i really cant think of any off the top of my head. I’m sure there are some, it’s life haha, but I tend to fail myself (forgetting appointments etc for me) more than anyone else. Or Jamie, he’s pretty neglected haha. I put all my time and effort into doing what needs to be done for the kids. God I’m not perfect by any means, but I cant think of anything off the top of my head. I’ve probably made myself forget haha surpressed the memories haha.


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