Just Hold On…

WE’RE COMING HOME! By we, I mean me, Vivi and Belle. I know only a year ago I was blogging about my amazing love story, but I guess a lot can change in a year. I’m grateful though because I’ve not just learnt, but *experienced* that when things fall apart, God truly holds you together. I’ve been absolutely showered by God’s love in the past month and there is no other love like it. My mental health has held up and the Lord has given me all the strength and beautiful people I’ve needed, and if this past Easter weekend is a reminder of anything it’s that there’s always hope when all looks dead. Of course it’s mixed emotions and bittersweet to leave the UK, I loved life over here but I couldn’t hack the situation I was in… And my health and happiness are priorities for me, they have to be when you have bipolar. But anyway, I’m excited to be back with my family and my friends AND MY DOG. I’m excited to walk around the lake chatting with my girlfriends, for winter trips to the beach with my mum, to soak up the last of the autumn sunshine with my girls and all that good stuff, but most of all I’m excited to come back to SO much unconditional love & support. 

I just want to thank all my beautiful friends & family, in the UK and in Aus. Everyone who’s messaged me words of support and encouragement, everyone who’s been there in practical and unexpected ways, everyone who’s been there to help with the girls and to help with my sanity… and most of all the army that has prayed for us. I don’t know how I can repay you but I love you all endlessly. 

So we’ll be heading home in a couple of weeks and if you could keep my family and our move in your prayers, we’d love that! If you’re in Aus, I can’t wait to see you! And if you’re in the UK, I’m gonna miss you like crazy 😭 xo


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