So everyone keeps asking me how life is in Australia… it’s AMAZING. I mean c’mon, Australia is a beautiful country. Even on it’s worst days it’s glorious. But aside from that… We’re not in a toxic situation anymore. We are surrounded by beautiful people. And I’m at peace with what happened, and whatever may happen in my future. But the best bit for me (aside from seeing my mama), is how welcoming my church has been. Divorce is a sticky, icky subject that is hard to know how to handle. I might not have shown it but I was SO nervous to come home, with my tail between my legs. It’s so easy as a church to do the equivalent of avoiding someone’s gaze so you don’t have to start a conversation with them. But that’s not what Jesus would have done and as followers and the body of Christ, we must imitate him. You know who I relate to in this situation? The prostitute. Not saying I’m I prostitute haha 😳 but she had so clearly done what God hates, but when she fell at the feet of Christ, crying, he welcomed her with love and treated her with tenderness and forgiveness. As Christians it’s easy to sit on a righteous little pedestal and judge others paths that you haven’t walked, but that’s the furthest thing God has called us to do. God has called us to get right down on our knees beside them. 

Jesus said to her “Go in peace, your faith has saved you” so I choose to live by that. So thank you to my church, every single member who has exemplified God’s love. TO ALL my friends, who have welcomed me back without batting an eyelid, who have made the effort to have a coffee and a catch up. I just want to stress the importance of reaching out, of being a vessel of God to people who really need it. If someone is having a health crisis – mental or physical, if they’ve lost someone, if they’re going through a break up, knowing what to say is SO hard but a cuppa never hurt 😉 

So anyway, life is good. Vivi is FINALLY sleeping through the night and in her own bed, which if I’m being honest was a massive contributing factor to me coming home. Belle is absolutely thriving in her new school, she has loads of friends and is at the top of her class. I’ve been applying for part time jobs and preparing to study next year. I’m finally on my health kick, working out loads and mostly eating right haha. I got to snuggle my pets again. We’re loving being at home but at the same time looking forward to setting up our new house… not too soon though, I like being fed and loved on 😂 


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